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Sunday, August 26, 2012

What is wrong

I really don't understand what is going on with me & why I'm feeling the way I do.  I cannot get out of my head how much of a nuisance I've been feeling lately to everyone.  I just feel like My three kids & I are so much of a bother to everyone.  We don't get invited to much anymore & it hurts my feelings so much.  I cannot even recall when was the last time I went out with one of my girlfriends just to have dinner or drinks.  I'm just really getting to the point where I absolutely love, love, love my children & wouldn't change the world for them but my life sucks in all other aspects.  I just feel so lost & like I'm stuck in a rut & I feel so horrible for my kids b/c I just feel like I'm the worst mom ever & I'm not creative so we do the same thing over & over again. 

Anyways, I'm exhausted & should probably go to bed. 

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