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Friday, August 10, 2012

Fat girl in an athletic body!!! & smoking

UGH, this weightloss journey is beginning to SUCK.  I was doing good & now all of sudden I'm stuck.  I've gained in the last week, but I'm praying & hoping that it's just b/c my good ole friend is visiting soon & I always put on 5lbs right before that time.  I need to really start straighting up my act if I wanna be at pre-pregnancy weight by next summer.  That's Pre-twins pregnancy, I'm already lower then what I weighed before getting pregnant with Jake.  I know this is disgusting, but if I can break the 270 mark I'm going to throw a party for myself, Ha ha ha.  I get stuck at 271 all the time & have been for weeks & it gets very, very fustrated.  Oh well I have to start buckling down & getting more serious about it if I really want to get down 100 lbs very soon. 

On a bright note I have stopped smoking since Monday 8/6.  I started taking Chantix on 7/30.  That stuff truly works & is AWESOME medicine, the dreams are fantastic.  I've taking this w/ Chris back in 2009 right before I got pregnant with the twins. If anyone is wondering it breaks the NEED to have one, this week I haven't craved a smoke it's more I think about what I would be doing so it's more habbit now.  I think the worst is the craving & this medicine takes that feeling away so I'm not sitting here going "OMG, I'm going to kill someone if I don't get a smoke soon."  I like that & it doesn't make me anrgy or moody either or on a short fuse.  I would recommend this to anyone that wants to stop smoking.  Thankfully my insurance covers it so it costs my only $20 a pack (thats 3 packs) but if your insurance doesn't cover it around $150 a pack, which in the long run is worth it.  So if you need all three packs it's $450 match that up to a pack of smokes a day at $7 a pack that's around $1,764 a year give or take. 

 So anywho, I see this as my first step forward, but sadly I took a few steps back on weightloss.  But you must struggle to actually suceed, right???  I will work really hard on my weightloss now & lets see where it takes us.  Hopefully there will be no more steps back..............

Until Next time!

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