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Monday, August 13, 2012

I change my whole view on SAHM's.

OMG, This is much harder then I anticapated.  I sometimes wish I had a job (you know what I mean) to go to just to get a break everyday.  I don't get breaks.  Plus with three two and under, HOLY MOLY.  Plus add to the crazyness the 10 month old (Jake) now walks.  OMG, I'm in soooo much trouble. I also have to watch my eight Y.O. nephew & there are moments just like any other kids that he's as bad as the twins. 

I thought today was going to be a good day b/c it started out really good, but then after breakfast all hell broke loose.  Just from the screaming & whinning & not listening to me & having to repeat myself 100 times & they still don't listen.  Then at nap time Joey decided not to nap & he also decided to push out his screen & throw everything out his window.  I told him he is very, very lucky that he didn't fall from the upstairs window b/c he could have hurt himself really bad.  Then my little one hasn't stopped whinning all afternoon (he's napping now hence why I can type this quickly before the other three get in trouble). 

Anyways, I'm seriously thinking of finding a PT job just so I can get out of the house.  Oh, then to make matters worse I got on the scale today & I'm up 6lbs, 6 freakin pounds.  WTH is going on??? so back to taking many steps backwards but I need to move forward so starting today I ate really good.  I'm thinking of finding another gym too.

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