Dec 2011 - Addisyn, Jake & Joseph

Friday, August 10, 2012


Oh my I almost forgot Jake is offically a walker!!! I'm truly in trouble now.  He is doing great for 10 months (acts much older).  He recently got tested for CFS b/c he still coughs alot here & there & they wanted to rule that out.  Thankfully he passed.  So they are back to it being asthma & he's still on singular & only the breathing machine when needed.  He's at 23lbs & about 31" (almost as tall as Addi). He's been at 23lbs for a few months now.  He's still taking 3 naps a day which the first & last one are the short ones, but the last one is starting not to happen anymore.  He's down to only 3 bottles a day 2 at 6oz & 1 at 8oz & eats three regular meals a day. He's growing up soooo fast, I cannot believe my baby & my last baby will be a year in two months :-(

Well that's really about all for Jake, here are some recent photos.

Twins Day 2012 Joey, Addi & Jake

Jake 2012

Addisyn 2012
 The twins Addi & Joe @ the trailer
 All of the loves of my life.. Joe, Addi, Jake & Chris
 Daddy & Jake

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