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Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer 2012

I don't even know where to start.  It's been a very busy/crazy summer.  We have spent most of our weekends at our trailer up in Marblehead just boating/swimming & drinking, but having a blast.  I attending my first Sandusky Barge Party end of June & it was ok, not really what everyone made it out to be, but I had the most fun just hanging in the water w/ all our friends back at our boat.  That was our weekend away with out kids... 

Well Jake is now 9 months & he's been taking steps for about a month now.  He's getting sooo big.  He was diagnosed with asthma & is on Singular & arbuteral (sp?).  He goes back tomorrow to see if his lungs have cleared up.  The twins have also been diagnosed w/ the beinging stage of asthma, but it seems to effect them when they get colds it goes right into their chests & that's when the problems arrise. 

The twins are still majorly in the terrible two stage & not getting better, LOL.  I'm working on trying to get Joey potty trained.  Addi is doing great w/ her potty.  She only wears a pull up at night time now (not even for naps anymore). 

Anyways, I have been truly stressed out so bad.  It is not easy taking care of 3 kids two & under & all the other mom's that do I truly envy you!!!!  I am still on Zoloft from my diagnosis of PPD, but it doesn't seem to work as well as it should. It helps me not cry at the drop of a hat but I just lose it to much.  Sometimes I just feel like the most horrible mother ever & I feel terrible for my kids.  I absolutely love them to death, but sometimes they just get me so upset that I feel like a lunatic b/c I have to yell at them at the top of my lungs.  I will admitt I am truly depressed & I do hide it to much from my friends & family.  Sometimes I wish there was someone I can truly talk to w/o feeling like an idiot exposing myself. 

Oh & for the weightloss I've been doint good but for I seem like I am stuck & just cannot get below this 270 mark.  I still have 100lbs I need to lose & this is so depressing.  I do not like getting in pictures or even looking at myself b/c I'm so disgusted I let these pregnancies get so out of hand w/ my weight.  I do go to the gym & started running again, but then I sprained my knee & was off for 3 weeks & just started getting back to the grind last week. 

Well I can go on & On about this summer, but since I finally have a chance to get on the laptop so I better go check out my other websites I haven't visited in awhile. 
Until next time..................

Here are some pictures, I couldn't take much b/c my camera isn't waterproof (which will be my next purchase) since I was in the water 95% of the time I couldn't have it on me.

Barge Party 2012... 

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