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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Twins are TWO!!!

Well I've offically made it two years.  They turned two on Sunday 2/5 & boy let me tell you they are not kidding about the "Terrible Two's."  Joey has picked up the worst temper ever.  If he gets mad he will screem & start throwing things around or hitting Addi.  I really, really hope this is a phase that he will grow out of b/c in sorts it is embarrassing sometimes.  They go to the doctor for the two year check up's this Saturday so I'll have more stats then.

Anyways, they had such a great weekend & party.  Joey was fascinated by his cake.  We had decorations & streamers & balloons & goodies. They had a blast playing w/ their cousins.

Oh & other great news.... come April I'm going to be a SAHM... Day care for three little ones is just to expensive.  I'm excited but also scared.  I really hope that this is the right decision for us.  I hope finacially we can keep up.  I'm currently looking for something to do maybe 2 days a week or from home to bring in some cash to help out.  I have to admit I'm going to miss going to work sometimes because that is definitely my peace & quiet time especially when things are crazy at home.  But I'm looking forward to it & with Spring/Summer coming it'll be nice. 

Well that's all for now, I will try to update after Saturday with the twins 2 year stats.

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