Dec 2011 - Addisyn, Jake & Joseph

Thursday, February 23, 2012

So we are attempting a weekend get-a-way this weekend at a hotel w/ a water park.   Chris & I wanted to get down there Friday & spend that night by ourselves & then everyone will join us on Saturday.  I got my sister to babysit on Friday but I feel bad leaving her w/ the trio so we're going to take Jake w/ us on Friday & she'll watch the twins.  It won't be that bad since Jake is only 4.5 months he cannot do much & I don't have to chase after him so we'll be able to enjoy ourselves Friday night.  Then my sister is bring the twins & her son (Nate 7 yrs old) on Saturday & we'll have a day of fun & spend the night & go home Sunday.  I hope it doesn't turn into a crazy mad house which it seems all of our trips lately w/ the trio have been like. 

So basically the trio are at my parents house today so I have to pick them up from there after work today & we usually eat dinner there & then head home.  I have so much to get done for the weekend tonight.  I was originally planning on going to Gaint Eagle at lunch today & do some shopping for stuff we need, but then I got called downtown to finish out my work day (there is no shopping when you work here b/c of parking).  So now I have to put together another plan.  I have to pack up all the kids stuff & have it in the van & ready to go for my sister.  There is a pot luck on Saturday night so we're going to bring our "award winning" chili so I have to make that.  Plus make sure the van is filled w/ gas for my sister.  Then there is plenty of other stuff to do. 

I seriously have not sat back & realized how busy my life has become w/ 3 under 2.  Jake has started rolling onto his tummy & he also sat up by himself.  He wants to just get up & play w/ his brother & sister & He watches them w/ so much interest & just laughs away at them.  He also much love when they get in trouble b/c he laughs whenever we have to yell at them.  I'm glad he thinks it's funny b/c I hate having to yell.  But that seems to be the only thing you do when you have two in the terrible two's that only listen when they want & beat the living crap out of each other.  I do have to admitt they've gotten better with that & I catch them playing/dancing/ rolling around on the floor w/ each other.  No matter what I do love them endlessly.....

Well until next time....................ENJOY!!

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