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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Week 3

Well my 2nd weigh in was Monday 2/13/12 & I was at 285 so I lost a total of 6 lbs in two weeks.  Not bad.  I just have to get my lazy but to go the gym.  I was planning on starting to go this past Monday but my back had other plans for me.  Saturday I woke up w/ a somewhat sore back, but it was tolerable.  Then as the day went on it got worse & worse.  By the end of the day I couldn't even pick up my 4 month old it hurt so bad.  Little history on my back is I've had two back surgeries for herniated discs.   Well the pain last until Sunday afternoon finally out of now where the horrible pain went away just like that, it was so bad that I was literally in tears Saturday night & Sunday morning & I barely slept b/c of the pain.  So anyways I've been having alittle pain since then but it's tolerable, it just feels like I over worked my muscles.  So I'm just waiting for my back to heal so I can get to the gym at night.

Well that's if for now it's time to head home...........  Until next time enjoy :-)

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