Dec 2011 - Addisyn, Jake & Joseph

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Welcome Jake Christopher

This is looooooong over due.  I just barely have time to get on the computer anymore.  I had a scheduled C-section set for Saturday, October 1st and Thursday, September 29 was the start of materinity leave for me.  Well Jake had other plans.  On Monday, September 26th at around 3:30pm my water broke while at work (yeah, my biggest fear) but it wasn't like a gush or anything.  I went to the bathroom & then while I was standing at the sink I felt a little gush & thought I peed myself (thought I didn't empty my bladder completely) so I went back to the toilet.  Even though I was wet I figured I can make it another hour & a half b/c it'll be embarrassing to tell someone I peed myself.  So I went back to my desk & anytime I laughed or moved there was leaking going on down there.  So I began to think my water might have broke so finally around 4:15 I called my doctor & told them that either I have no control over my bladder or my water broke so they told me to go to the hospital & the doctor will check to see what's going on.  I was starting to get these tighting feelings (contractions) in my stomach, but it didn't hurt & I thought I was imagining it.  So I told work I think my water broke & left at 4:30pm.  It was a rainy crappy day out & by this time traffic was horrible.  It would take probably 20-25 minutes w/o rush hour to get to the hospital.  In the mean time I was calling my parents to go relieve the sitter & get the twins.  I told my husband to meet me at the hospital.  Everyone was freaking out b/c I was driving myself.  I figured by the time someone came to pick me up & drive all the way back to the hospital it would be longer then me just taking myself.  So I was having contractions the whole way there & traffic was stopped.  I finally arrived at the hospital alittle after 6pm & was admitted to L&D triage.  My OB was on vacation so I had a fill in & he went to swab me to see if it was my water, but once he looked he said there was definitely no doubt my water broke.  They never checked me for dialation since I had to have a C-section, I wish they would have so I knew where I was at.  Anyways we had to wait for a OR to become available & then at 9:28pm on Monday, September 26, 2011 Jake Christopher entered the world (via c-section) weighing 8lbs 9oz & 20".  I cried.  I did have my tubes tied & so it took longer before I could hold him, but I couldn't wait & to be able to breastfeed him.  Here are some pictures..

Jake Christopher 

My first glance at our "surprise"
 Addi meets her baby brother
 Joe meets his little brother & hugs him
 The twins & their baby brother
 Addi & Jake 1 month old
 Joey & Jake 1 month

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