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Monday, November 22, 2010

9 months & counting

Well the twins first Thanksgiving is right around the corner & I'm super excited to spend the day as a "family" something that I wished & hoped for a looooong time.  I'm heading over to my parents to make dinner b/c my mom had the knee replacement & cannot cook it this year :-( I only hope I can make it as good as her, but of course she will definitely be there to supervise, LOL! 

I have to start thinking of what I'm going to do for the twins Christmas pictures.  I want to make them my Christmas cards but I am trying to decided where & when & what I'm going to use for the back ground.  Ugh, idea's would be apprecative...

So Joey is showing signs of wanting to walk.  He can stand for several seconds on his own & he's taken a step toward me.  Just this morning he was trying to stand on his own w/o holding onto anything.  It's time to start working w/ Addi so she's right behind her brother (if not ahead of him).  I'm sorta excited to get them walking but I also don't want them to start b/c it's going to get crazy & that also means their growing up :-(. 

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