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Monday, November 15, 2010


I know its been said before but the weekends come & go way to fast.  I hate Monday morning especailly when it's a pay close, meaning I've got payroll to do. 

Weekend was ok, nothing exciting to report.  I didn't get my much needed cleaning done.  I am usually a clean freak & since the twins were born I haven't cleaned my house from top to bottom (including all 3 bathrooms) like I use to.  It's driving me crazy.  In order to do this I need someone to take the twins for several hours so I can do in uninterrupted.  I was able to organized the twins bed rooms & box up the clothes they don't fit into & pull out the ones they do & I actually feel better that I could do that. 

DH has annoyed the heck out of me.  I bust my ass all weekend, every weekend & he really doesn't do much in return.  This is how my weekend went starting from Friday after work.  Came home fed the twins & tried to eat my dinner & then gave twins a bath & then played w/ them & then put them to bed.  DH ~ ate, watched TV, helped undress the twins for bath & then sat on lap top w/ a beer in hand the rest of the night. 

Saturday - 6:45 I got up w/ the twins, changed fed  & played w/ them.  DH finally got up & we went to breakfast.  Then DH went to get haircut as I stayed at home w/ the twins & then we all went to Lowes for supplies & then off to Firestone for an oil/tire rotation on both cars.  While at Firestone I fed & played w/ the twins while he stood outside watching them.  Got home & I put them down for a nap & then DH was meeting friends at a Flyers for lunch, but he did take Joey w/ him b/c he woke up early from nap.  Once Addi got up we headed up there for lunch & a beer or two.  Get to Flyers & I again feed the twins dinner & play w/ them.  They were getting fussy so I took them home & played w/ them until bed time.  DH got home after they were in bed & went right on the lap top playing cards w/ a beer. 

Sunday - I made DH get up w/ the twins at 7am while I layed in bed for another hour.  Then I got up & played w/ the twins & fed them breakfast as DH went back to bed until 12pm (when I told him I need help) I had stuff to get done.  I made lunch for the twins & DH & fed them & then cleaned that up then DH put them down for a nap while I was in Addi's room boxing/unboxing clothes. Then I started their 2 loads of laundry & had to run to BRU for wipes & then stopped to pick DH up something from McDonalds.  Then when I got back Joey was up so I went & sorted thru his clothes & finally got a shower in.  Addi got up & I fed/changed her then I did our 4 loads of laundry & made dinner & then fed the twins & had to clean up.  Then it was bath time again & DH helped undress them & then I gave them a bath & dressed them & made their night bottles & then played w/ them.  Then I put them to bed. During this hole time DH watched football & didn't help me clean a thing & you wonder while I don't have time to clean my house the way I want. 

Anyways, I had to vent b/c I was pretty upset about this.  This seems to be every weekend my DH is lazy and it drives me crazy....

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