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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The twins update

So they've been crawling since about 7 months & they started pulling themself up when they turned 8 months. I'm just waiting for them to start walking. Their 9 month appt is on 11/4. They both have their two bottom teeth for about 3 months now & just today Addi's two top teeth broke thru.

Addi still has congestion in her chest & has since birth. I can hear her breathing sometimes, and I have mentioned this to the doctor at most of their other appts. and at first they told me to sit her up more when feeding her, but it still has not gone away. I will mention it to the doctor at their 9 month check up. I am just worried b/c a couple times when I was changing her diaper it seemed like she gasped for air, but I didn't know if she was playing or it was really happening.

Joey is doing great they were alittle concerned about his "big" head & possible water in the brain, but a few weeks ago I had a follow up for it & his head was starting to measure w/i the charts & seems to be slowing down w/ growing and his body was catching up to his head. Thankfully.

Here is a recent picture.... 8 months.

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