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Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday's How I hate them!

Well made it thru the weekend!  I'm so exhausted.  My DH went out Saturday night and was completely worthless yesterday.  I had to do everything from the twins to making dinner & doing laundry as he just laid on the couch. 
I haven't been to the gym since Wednesday (UGH)!  I feel disgusted, but Thrusday the twins were really needy & I had to cook some baby food & then Friday we went out for dinner & I watched my nephew for a couple hours.  Then Saturday I went to Falloween w/ my BFF Pam & her 1.5 year old daugther & then went to dinner & then the neighbors house then home & I couldn't go cuz I was home w/ the twins by myself.  Sunday well look above I didn't have time to go w/ everything I had to get done.  Anyways I WILL be going tonight no If/ands or buts!!!! 

The twins are doing good.  They'll be 9 months on Nov 5th.  They are maturing more & more every day it just amazes me.  Joey is constantly pulling himself up on everything in sight & so is Addi, but she gets stuck when she's up & cannot figure out how to get down & will start crying.  They both have been crawling for a couple months now, but Joey started doing the hands & knees crawl a few weeks ago, but just this weekend Addi graduated from the Army crawl to the hands & knees.  Bath time is no long fun b/c of the constant wanting to stand up.  It's more like a "bad" chore for me.  I'm trying to clean one as the other one is standing on the edge of the bath tub & when I tell them no then Joey just laughs at me.  Please oh please just don't let them fall in the tub & hit their head.  By the end of bath I'm sweating like I just got done running a marathon or something. 

The best feeling though is when I was going to leave for work today & I was standing in the front room & Joey crawled up to me & pulled himself up & started whinning/crying wanting me to pick him up.  So I did & kissed him & told him I have to go & put him down w/ his sister.  Then he followed me to the door & stood up and watched me walk to the garage.  So heart breaking but a wonderful feeling.  I absolutely love being a MoM.

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