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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bad night

So the twins have been sleeping thru the night for 6+ months now & last night Joey decided to have a bad night.  He got up at 1am I tried rocking him to sleep for an hour & he kept falling asleep on me but as soon as he went in the crib he would wake up crying.  So finally at 2am I had to lay him down & let him cry it out & finally at 2:50 he went to sleep, or maybe I went to sleep, I cannot remember, but I don't think I heard him anymore.  I felt HORRIBLE letting him cry, but I know it was something I had to do.  I think he's coming down w/ a cold b/c he kept coughing all night.  So when my alarm went off I so badly wanted to just hit snooze.  To say the least I'm exhausted today.  I think I'm about to go get a 5 hour energy at lunch. 

Tonight Grandma & Grandpa are stopping over to watch the twins for a bit so DH & I can run out to the store.  Other then last night they are doing great.   They go to the doctors in a week for their 9 month well check up.  They'll be 9 months on 11/5/10, WOW i cannot believe it.

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