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Monday, February 14, 2011


Sometimes my one coworker really makes me want to throw up.  There is this lady that I swear to you either bi-polar or parinoid schizophrenic & forget to take her meds everyday or needs to be put on meds.  I have never worked w/ anyone that has lived a very parinoid life.  Everything that anyone does is always out to get her some way or another.  You don't even have to be talking to her or about her & then all of sudden she'll start going crazy b/c everyone is out to get her.   UGH, she makes coming to work HELL everyday.  To add to it she doesn't have any work to do so she gets one my nerves even more & it gives her more time to sit & get more parinoid over things. 

Anywho.... I need to stop stressing.  I need this pregnancy to be stress free not like my last.  She had me so pissed that I started getting cramps & we don't want problems because of a crazy bitch. 

So I turned 6 weeks last Friday 2/11 (whoo Hoo) coming along week by week very slowly but making progress.  Yesterday & today I've been feeling very nauseous to the point that I wanna throw up.  My lower back has been killing me but I've been taking tylenol for that (which personally I do not like doing).  So other then that, thats been about it. 

As for the twins Addie has started walking more but it's still not a constant thing, but she's making progess & she just laughs like crazy when she does walk.  It's too cute.  Joey has become an expert walker now.  Saturday we took them for blood work & that has to be the worst thing to do to a child.  I took Addie back for hers and she  cried & screamed & just the look in her eyes was so heart breaking.  She kept trying to grab me w/ her other hand & I felt so helpless.  I made DH take Joey in to get his & I heard him crying & screaming from the waiting room which make me want to cry.  But we all made it thru it & no one to their 1 year appointment this Thursday 2/17, which will be more crying w/ the shots they'll be getting.  But the shots aren't so bad b/c it's one stick & their done but w/ the blood drawls the lady had to move the needle around in their arms to find that vein & I know how that sometimes hurts me & I'm not even phased by needles. 


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