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Friday, February 4, 2011

5w today ~a bit anxious

I know I'm only 5w exactly & I'm still nervious as hell that something isn't going to go right.  I constantly am runing to the bathroom & not just to pee but to check to see if I'm bleeding.  I'm so scared of losing this pregnancy b/c it's still odd that I got pregnant w/o the doctor's help, it just doesn't seem real. 

So far today the things I've been feeling different are sore boobs but mostly only when I touch them & adversion to food, I really haven't been eating like I probably should be.  I have lost interest in my morning coffee's.  By the end of the day I feel so bloated & like I want to explode & I cannot get a solid night of sleep & it's not b/c I'm up going to the bathroom all night b/c I haven't experienced that yet, but I'll wake up every hour on the hour & sometimes I'll fall right back to sleep but others I'll just lay there & cannot sleep.  Last night was alittle better I didn't get up every hour.  I also noticed I've already started snoring & so loud that I to wake myself up & my throat is sore.  A weird symptom I'm surprise I'm already experiencing is my legs/claves/thighs/butt/hips/love handles all feel like they have bruises really bad.  They are sore when I touch them almost like my boobs are.  I have been having major mood swings & I totally feel back for the twins & DH. 

Ugh this wait till 3/8 is going to be a long one that is my first appointment.

So I have lots to do this weekend as of 5pm tonight I'm going to be running around like crazy getting things ready for the twins B-day party tomorrow & then Super Bowl on Sunday. 

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