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Thursday, March 17, 2011


Wow, I haven't written in here in a while.  I just barely have time.  Well I went to my 1st doctor appt on Tuesday 3/8 & I was alittle upset that since I was 9.5 weeks I thought forsure he would listen for a heartbeat.  All he did was just a normal first exam & then went over stuff.  So we still don't know if there is more then one in there, even though my gut tells me just one.  Well my next appt is Tuesday 4/5.  I normally wouldn't be getting an ultrasound until 18weeks, but DH & I decided to get the Integrated Screen done which you have to get an indebt ultrasound & blood work in the 1st trimester so I go on 3/25 for the u/s. Then blood work in the 2nd trimester.  They are screening for Down's, Tris 18 & NTD. 

As for me & how I've been feeling it's up in the air.  I'm not eating much b/c I don't have an appitite, but I know that will change & alot of stuff still makes me nauesous.  I think I hurt my back b/c it's been hurting so bad the past several weeks & only getting worse.  Since I've had to prior back injuries & two surgeries I know when my back just isn't at the point of "oh it'll heal w/ time".  I've noticed my left hip sticks out more & my right leg feels like it's shorter then my left.  So I think I'm out of alignment.  Anyways I called a back doctor & I go see him on 3/24. 

As for the twins they are getting bigger & faster everyday.  Joey just got over Roseloa which Addi had about a month ago.  Addi has had Diarrhea for a week now & I took her in to the doctor yesterday & they think it's a virus causing the diarrhea which is giving her a nasty diaper rash that was blistering & bleeding.  They also said she is just getting over a double ear infection b/c both of her ears of fluid in them, they didn't give anything for that b/c it was at the ending stage.  They will just check her ears again at their 15 month well check up.  They took her off of milk & 100% juice (I don't give them juice anyways they get water & milk) until the diarrhea goes away & when I introduce the milk back in I'll see if the diarrhea comes back & then we'll know it was that. 

Well I better get to work. 

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