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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Still dumbfounded!!

I still cannot come to terms that we are pregnant again!!! I never thought this would be possible especially with what we had to go thru last time.  I will say we are truly double blessed for a second time.  There must be a reason.  I constantly still am checking to make sure I haven't started my period b/c at some points it feels like I might have, but (thankfully) we're still going strong.  I really hope that this is a healthy pregnancy & nothing goes wrong b/c this IS my last chance.  I will be 5 weeks pregnant tomorrow & though I'm still very, very early I'm praying it holds.  I have accepted that I'm pregnant & we're happy now.  I don't go to see my OB until 3/8, which is going to kill me to wait that long.  It's not like last time when we were on fertility drugs & IUI's so we were being very closely monitored & got lots of U/S.   We are just hoping that it's one very healthy baby in there.

So far I've been nauesous & lost interest in food (haven't been eating much, but I'm trying to eat healthy b/c I don't need to gain any weight, I'm over weight still) my boobs just started getting sore & just yesterday my legs/thighs/hips/butt/back feel like they have bruises all over them when I touch them. 

Tonight we are going to look at two different vehicles the KIA Seronto & GMC Terrain we need something that will fit 3 car seats.  I liked the KIA w/ the 3rd row seat, but there is no room for storage.  I haven't look at the Terrain yet but they don't offer a 3rd row so the seats will have to fit across the back.  We'll see what happens.

So for the twins they are doing great.  Joey's still walking & Addi is not she actually walks on her knees, it's kinda cute.  We are getting ready for the 1st birthday party this weekend, I've got lots to do in the next 3 days.  Then Sunday is Super Bowl & I'm so very excited that my team is in it. 


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