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Monday, May 14, 2012

Where do I start??!?!?!?!

Well I'm offically a SAHM as of April 13.  I truly love the fact of being the only care giver to my wonderful children, but it is hard.  There are days that I really wish I was going into work, but most days I'm loving it completely. 

Ok, as I said before my husband is currently serving his 20 days in jail which started last Sunday.  This is not easy on me at all.  It is so exhausting & this past week was horrible.  It started with almost two weeks ago my husband had to take Joey to the ER & he ended up with broncitis & then on Sunday (the day my husband had to report) Jake & Addi & I all got sick.  I took them to the doctors on Monday b/c they had horrible coughs & fevers & they told me they just had common colds.  Well come Wednesday Jake (my 7 month old) was having problems breathing & was very congested so my husband found a new peditrician & I took him in & he also has broncitis & a start of an ear infection.  Then on Thursday Addi got a high fever & her cough was bad so I took her into Urgi Care & she ended up having broncitis & a start of an ear infection.  So all three kids have been on antibiotics & Addi was put on a breathing machine.  Also Jake on Thursday was wheezing so bad & I was debating on taking him into the ER that night but I just kept my eye on him & his wheezing got better come Friday.  So it was a really bad week with none of my kids sleeping b/c their coughing was keeping them up.  Anyways they are better this week, but it's still not easy. 

Joey has been horrible (his attitude).  I'm not sure if this is something to do with the Chris being gone or what.  It's seriously to the point that I need a break from him.  He won't listen & is constantly being really bad.  I'm really hoping that this is a stage & this is what they consider the "Terrible Two's", b/c I don't know what to do if this is how he is going to be. 

So anyways besides that nothing really much has changed.  I've lost 20 lbs on W.W. so far so I actually am feeling good about that & right now I get to the gym 3 times a week b/c my mom comes to watch the trio for 2 hours so I can go & then when Chris is done with his jail time I'll be able to start going on Tuesday & Thursday's at night & make it 5 days a week.  I'm currently at 100 lbs need to lose.  UGH, that seems like so much espeically after how hard I worked years ago to lose 70lbs. 

Well it's getting late & I need to go shower since all three are finally sound asleep.  Until next time take care!!!

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