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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Another Week!!!

Well I've been doing good w/ my diet & exercising.  I am down another pound (286) making a total of 11 lbs.  I already feel 85% better w/ just that small drop in weight. 

Anyways, I have exactly a month left (April 13th) until my last day of work & I get to become a SAHM to my three little ones.  In a way I'm excited but I'm also scared.  Scared that we are making the right decision and that money wise everything works out the way it should.  I would really like to find a way to bring cash into the household, but I've been searching for weeks & have found nothing.  I don't understand the people that have those ideal work from home jobs & how they found/got them.  I so wish I was alot more creative and could make stuff to sell. 

The twins are doing great & getting smarter by the weeks.  If you hold up the letters of the alphabit Joey can name them.  My mom has been working with them since she started watching them back in November & they are thriving so much lately.  Joey is going thru a stage were he doesn't want to go to bed & wants to sleep in "Mom & Dad's" bed.  Chris let him cry the whole hour & a half that I was at the gym last night (I feel horrible about it now, but I have to have alittle bit of me time to).  So however he fell asleep finally in his own bed only to wake up around midnight & come into our room.  I carried him back into his room around 3am right before the big thunder storm hit.  I prayed that it wouldn't wake up the trio & thankfully it didn't. 

Addi, is starting to talk alot more & yell at her twin brother more & also tell on him.  She is so very helpful with her baby brother & they both watch over him very closely & hug & kiss him. 

Well actually gotta run, but until next time have a great day!!!!  I cannot wait to get home to my babies...

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