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Sunday, August 21, 2011

So overwhelmed...

Ugh, is all that I can say!!  I am so exhausted and I know I have little time left till the baby gets here so I have so much to do & so little time & absolultely no help & add my responsiblities to the twins. I just really wish my husband could help me more instead of just worrying about drinking & sleeping all the time.  I just get so overwhelmed w/ what I've gotta do.  My house is so nasty disgusting & he doesn't help do anything there is so much that I need to do cleaning wise but I don't have the energy to do it nor can I b/c I have to watch the twins.  If only he understood that's why I'm sooo stressed out right now.  I just need more help in getting stuff done.  Our house is falling apart b/c he cannot take the time to fix something when it breaks so it sits & then something else breaks & it's an on going thing & they all pile up & now there is so much that needs to be done & he doesn't want to do it.  I'm going to have to start doing stuff myself.  I grew up in a clean household & I know that he didn't.  I'm pretty sure he didn't even have to clean growing up so he's use to just trashing everything.  This bothers me know just as bad as it did then.    He keeps telling me to relax well it's called help me & then I can.  Start doing alot more then  you do now to help me & I can relax. 

Ok, I have to go to bed & try to relax. 

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