Dec 2011 - Addisyn, Jake & Joseph

Monday, August 15, 2011

18 month stats!

So the twins hit 18 months on 8/5/11 & went to doctor for their well check up on 8/11/11.  Everything looks great & they are both developmently doing good.  No shots this check up b/c they were a week early for the shots (yeah for mommy).  But here are their stats:

Joey - 33.75"

Addisyn - 31.25"

As for the pregnancy it's still going strong.  I've gained 18lbs since my last appointment at 30 weeks.  I'm now going every 2 weeks to my doctor & I have an growth ultrasound next Tuesday 8/23 & I cannot wait to see him.  So I believe we've FINALLY agreed on a name Jake Christopher.  As of this weekend I've been having lots of pressure down below & I think what they call Braxton Hicks contraction (never had them w/ the twins so I don't know).  Baby Jake has been moving almost non-stop for two days.  I go to the doctor tomorrow so we'll see how things are.  I've been just feeling alittle "strange". I'm so ready to not be pregnant anymore & finally meet baby Jake.  Maybe enjoy alittle bit of the rest of summer.  I'm so down w/ being pregnant.  I had a very, very uncomfortable night last night. 

Well I'll try to keep you posted on my upcoming appointments & the arrival of baby Jake.  I just cannot wait for the twins to meet him & see how they react.

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