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Thursday, July 14, 2011

RLS Sucks

OMG, I swear my legs want to run off somewhere w/o me.  I'm sitting here on the recliner & my legs are just feel so restless.  I cannot get them to just relax & feel comfortable.  I had this same thing w/ the twins & I remember it's on thing I hated.  I don't understand why it doesn't bother me at work though when I'm just sitting at my desk.  Oh well nothing I can do.

Well tomorrow I'll be 28 weeks.  Whoo Hoo the end is near, thankfully but i'm not sure if I'm really for the baby to show up & all that hard work all over again.  OMG, I'm so nervous to be a new mom all over again & this time around to have two one year old toddlers running around so it's not like when they were newborn I could sleep when they slept during the day.  Nope b/c when this baby sleeps I'll be playing w/ the twins & I highly doubt that when the twins nap he's going to nap too b/c that'll be to goo to be true.  Well see how it works, I'm sure it'll be fine & everything will work out as it should just like w/ the twins.  I was so nervous bringing them home.  Not only was I never a mom before but I had to be a mom to two new babies & not just one. 

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