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Friday, September 10, 2010

Baby Food

I spent last Sunday making my baby food. I'm so excited I finally got to do this & I'm also happy that the twins love the food so far. I like the fact that it's all natural & I know what's going into the food (nothing). So far this is what I've made.

Mangos - love
Avocados - Ok
apples - love
bananas - love
green beans - love
carrots - love
chicken breasts - hate
pears - love

I have to think of something that mixes well w/ the chicken b/c they do not like just plain. I'm going to try blending the chicken w/ apples tonight & see how that works for them. If it doesn't work out then I need to find another receipt.

Next week I'm going to add these items (they've already had some of the store bought baby food ones):

Sweet potato's
Squash (all kinds)
Ham (maybe)

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