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Friday, May 21, 2010

Weight loss

I'm struggling here! I gained ALOT of weight in the last 5 years. I gained most of it while I was on fertility and then two months before I got pregnant I had to stop working out so the weight just came on w/ the fertility shots and no activity. I had to stop working out b/c the shots made my uterius large and running could cause it to turn. Anyways I then put on the weight from a twin pregnancy. I have lost about 40lbs after the twins birth, but I seem stuck & the weight's not moving. I also am having a hard time getting myself to get back on a healthy eating track and getting back to working out. This pregnancy has taking a tow on my joints so bad & I know all this added weight doesn't help. Then with twins & currently being back to work full-time I cannot find the time to work out. By the time they go to bed I'm exhausted and I don't want to go after work b/c I want to run home & spend time w/ them.

Basically I need inspiration. I need some good advice & support to get me motivated again.

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